MJL's Full Day Law of Attraction Seminar Testimonials

“Michael Losier and The LOA Centre have made a big difference in my life. Since I started practicing what I have learned from Michael and the LOA Centre, my company’s turnover has doubled compared to the corresponding period last year, clients keep knocking on our doors and we now have disposable incomes to fund investments. In addition to that, I’m spending more time with the family than ever and taking more holidays. In fact, my personal and company motto is now “ALWAYS MORE!”

Patrick Wee
Entrepreneur and Communications Strategist, Subang Jaya

“What I loved about Michael Losier’s Seminar was the simple and easy-to-do steps in which to make Law of Attraction work for you in all aspects of your life. Not only has stress and worry been tremendously decreased in my personal life, but I am attracting the clients that I want and the people that I want in my life….how fantastic is that! My life is now abundant with love, joy and a sense of freedom.”

Roshini Ganesan
Corporate Trainer, Singapore

“Michael Losier is a remarkable and awesome Law of Attraction trainer. In attending his Seminar and applying the tools and techniques taught, my life has been enriched both financially as well as in my studies and in attracting my ideal relationship. Say YES! To Michael Losier’s Law of Attraction Seminar!!!”

Cedric Ang
Student, Kuala Lumpur

“Michael’s book “Law of Attraction” and his Full Day Law of Attraction Seminar was the missing piece of puzzle for me which other authors and Law of Attraction trainers didn’t address. Michael elegantly teaches you the steps and tools and techniques on ‘HOW TO’ attract more of what you want and less of what you don’t want. In applying what I’d learnt at his Full Day Seminar, I am now aware I am 100% for the results I am getting in my life and I have been able to attract so much more abundances in many aspects of my life.”

Norazlina Mohd Nor
Corporate Trainer, Kuala Lumpur

“Attending the Full Day Law of Attraction Seminar with Michael was an engaging experience for me where Michael made it so easy for the participants to understand the science behind Law of Attraction and how to make it work for us effectively. I’d personally applied the principles and attracted my ideal apartment.”

M Khairul Izad
Consultant, Kuala Lumpur

“After Michael's seminar, my family and I have been applying the principles learnt, looking at things positively and receiving more and more abundances. We're very thankful and very blessed for having the opportunity to learn about something so valuable. “A family that vibrates positively together stays together”

Ghazlina Poedjo & Family, Kota Kinabalu