How To Be a SuperCharged Family Book Testimonials

" I had the privilege of observing the process of personal evolvement & transformation of this amazing family over the past decade. Their personal & collective ongoing successes in key areas of life is a true testimony of the effectiveness of these environments which are applied to generate sustainable results over time. I am grateful that these proven methods are shared through this empowering book for more people to duplicate their successes. "

Teacher, Entrepreneur & Life Coach

A good personal motivational book with a family theme and would highly recommend to any high school students and needing adults alike

International Corporate Lawyer

Have you ever seen a family with members who are full of positive energy and very supportive towards one another?

Do you have one? I bet this might not be the case of some of us. I found this book very inspiring. It’s about a journey of a father who is very keen to turn his family into a super-charged family. However, it's not about his effort alone. It's about a great teamwork of all his family members! Of course, their experiences as a family are more or less the same with others because I swear I could relate to most of the situations that happened in their family i.e. siblings quarrelling about mere things, the younger doesn't stand a chance to speak up for herself and parents being too protective and sometimes too pushy.

What's really great about this book? It does not focus only on tips of how to build a great and positive bonding in a family but there's a lot of tips on self-growth too! It's a very straight forward writing style but me being me, I would definitely love it more if there's a longer elaboration on every environment discussed in this book! Nevertheless, this is still really a great book that I would really recommend all families out there to own one. Ps: My favourite part of this book is the What I Feel Like Expressing (W.I.F.L.E) tool.

Nurul Zulaikha binti Talib
Final Year Undergraduate Dietetic Student, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Health Campus

A very well written book which is definitely a go to for parents. Very readable. Using the principles of "Law of Attraction", the book offers a practical guide for families to thrive and cultivate positivity. Well done Siva.

Dr. Christiantine Della
Head of Education Department, Faculty of Social Sciences and Liberal Arts, UCSI University

This book is a product of personal experiences of Mr Siva and his family. The scenarios explained in this books helps us to relate to our own personal experiences and how better to manage the situation as a family which we often overlook.

I strongly believe this book will help to improve relationship with our children’s by actively displaying interest in their wellbeing which would ultimately strengthen family bonds and reinforces mutual respect.

All in all “How to be a SUPER – CHARGED Family” book is of great relevance to parents and children’s and I highly recommend this book.

Jay @ Jaiendran
Zenith International School, Director

This book, is a wonderful book for a young family! It’s a hand- book that can be used to refer to. Siva has used all the tools necessary and also created the environment to bring the family together while allowing the children to pursue their passions in an intelligent and inexpensive way!

It is calculated living but why not if the returns are going to make all in the family happy!

What impressed me most was the cohesiveness that brought within the family! Which is what is most lacking in today’s world. Well done!

Dr Mullai Ramaiah Arunachalam
President, National Organization for Dyslexia Malaysia

I've successfully read the book and personally I feel great in reading this book. Every step from Environment 1 until 5 is something that I'm able to followThose steps were so much easier to do and the entire process is not complicated or neither confusing at all. I really enjoyed reading all the examples that you've shared in this book and the effectiveness of those methods in tackling the issue or situation in a healthy way. .
Your own personal life experience together with family members through all those proposed methods were incredible 😊 For me, it's a great sharing and I like the way that you emphasize family, bonding and healthy communication between parents and,children which eventually provide healthy platform for them to communicate and share their emotions besides working together to handle that than creating the gap between parents and children. .
Personally, I like this question ' What do I want?' as it's direct me towards solution and conflict management (than Why it's happened to me? mindset). Thank you so much for all your sharing through this book. One of good book that I will recommend to others to read

Megala Chandra Sakeran
Registered & Licensed Counsellor, UCSI

If you are familiar & a believer of Law of Attraction, you must get this book. The book covers of how as a family you can experiment with tools and techniques as a family. Mr. Siva also has an RESET App available on mobile to track your gratitude (my absolute favourite!!!) & what you want too.

Bavani Periasamy
Speaker, Coach and Gratitude Advocate

I’m in my second chapter and for some reason after reading it, I consistently reminded myself to be positive and to work for what I love. I thought it was just the impact of reading a powerful book but soon… everyday it became a mantra. A chant I tell myself that I will be positive and I am happy. I was curious on the effect of learning this mindset and started learning more about law of attraction.

A short story to prove how I manifested my ideal intern location. Few weeks ago, I emailed a NGO to house me for my internship. It’s a place I know I can grow as a person and learn. I even shared with Kavena Akka about it. Even before sending the email, I set my heart and soul on one thing. My goal is to be a mental health advocate and to create awareness about mental health. Hence, naturally, iw as drawn to a few NGO and I emailed each and everyone of them. I was nervous but I was positive. A few days later, I received a response from the NGO which I really wanted to go to! I was shortlisted for an interview!

Again, I was positive and I did my very best. With god’s blessings and the powerful words from this amazing books, I was selected to do my internship at that very NGO. Though the location of the NGO will tax my travel expenses but I feel so connected to that place. I know from my heart that it’s a good start for my journey and that is how I will design my life.

Thank you so much akka for introducing the book to me. I am still reading it and I have a lot to learn. Gratitude always.

Neevia Johnson
3rd Year Bachelors of Social Science(Hons) Social Work, UKM