Corporate Training Testimonials

After the training, we experienced specific behavioral change in our people, the following are a few examples:

  • Increased level of people compliance to procedures and requirements
  • Increased level of confidence in Leadership
  • Productivity levels improved
  • "Self-Motivated" working environment was created
  • A system was created for handling challenging issues

Iain Meikle
Vice President & General Manager, Nexperia

The series Law of Attraction training workshop for all employees of AIA certainly created a sense of confidence, a changed minset, feeling awesome, self awareness and how important of our actions when we are at our job and in our personal lives. The workshop has enlightened us with new knowledge and skills. It has inspired our employees to stay positive

Philip Ramadas
Senior Manager, American Internation Assurance Bhd

Thank you for the dedication and professionalism showed by your team in executing and contributing to the succesful implementation of the Malaysia Airlines Sales Transformation Program (STP)

Marziah Yahya
Head, Faculty Functional Skills, Malaysia Airlines Academy

"The "Zero to Zoom" training and coaching session has put things step by step for me to achieve what I want especially in by business even in my personal life. The Law of Attraction (LOA) message has helped me first sort out what is in my inner mind so that I am able to go about attracting what I want in the outer world. The LOA has equipped me to constantly have clarity about what I want moment by moment for various areas in my life on a daily basis (business, relationships etc)..this clarity has given me a lot of personal power...and results..."

Kok Lee Wah
Director, Wealthvest Sdn Bhd