Attracting Abundance Always Testimonials

“Since attending the Attracting Abundance Always Seminar, I have been deliberately putting the 3-step Formula into action. It has been a challenging yet fulfilling and exciting journey. Some of the benefits I’ve experienced are increase in self confidence, feeling awesome most of the time (and when I’m feeling down, I’m always resetting my vibes) and achieving some major personal goals in life. I particularly enjoy recording down Evidence of Abundance in my “Buku 555” (Gratitude Journal) daily which uplifts me and raises my vibrations all the time, which I now understand is always matched by Law of Attraction by manifesting more of the same high-vibe results in my life. I feel so grateful for all that I am and have. I am looking forward to get what I vibrate daily”

Phoebe Foong
Associate Planner, VKA Wealth Planners

“Life is better now! During the process of the 3 weeks of coaching sessions I understood that I needed to respect my feeling as LOA only matches my feeling. It also taught me to ‘allow’ better. As a result I was able to attract my Dream Car which was a Nissan Sylphy. Many challenges were dealt with ease (Reset Button was amazing). Business picked up by 20% and clients started to pay their outstanding debts.”
I would strongly recommend anyone to participate in this coaching program as the results are predictable.

Jeevan, Managing Director
Speed Print

“I started off wanting to lose weight but during the coaching sessions, I realised that my weight was hardly the problem and my dominating thought was my relationship at home with my spouse. It hit home that I had to get my relationship with my spouse back on line and only then would the other areas of my life fall into place.
So I deliberately did the 3 step formula for that. After only about 3 weeks, I could see changes in our relationship. He was more caring and loving towards me. The icing on the cake was when we went on a short vacation together, something we have not done in more than 5 years. We are much closer now and my life is so much richer. Even when we do have misunderstandings, I ask myself “So, what do I want?”, switch my vibrations from negative to positive and patch up much faster than before.
I am a more cheerful teacher now because of LOA and my students love my classes and I also share LOA with my students. Maths is a challenging subject and hardly anyone gets an A for it in my classes, but in the February test, 10 students got A's for Maths. They were elated and so was I. LOA helped me achieve this. My target for April is 20 A's!!!My finances have improved too.
I received cheques from unexpected sources and am now timely in paying off my bills”

Marie Antionette Zaira Michael

“I was always searching for anything that could help improve my lifestyle. I attracted to myself this awesome “Attracting Abundance Always” (AAA) Seminar. The information I received was easy and simple to follow.
Life then was tough financially, and my relationship with my spouse was dull and quiet. Though I am generally a positive person but at times situations just take over and I lose control of the whole situation which brings a lot of hurt later. I have now realised that a lot of energy, words and action have been wasted. I immediately put the Law of Attraction to work for me after the AAA Seminar & Coaching Sessions. To my delight, great things started to manifest:-
My finances are of abundance now. I used to have financial problems at the end of every month but now my business has improved tremendously and all my bank accounts have abundance which gives me an awesome feeling and I seem to attract more money into my life. Fantastic!!
Trips and vacations have starting coming easy for me too. I just put it in my desire statement and it just manifests! I will be away to Europe for 21 days and was clueless when I made this decision and set the intention but things have worked out well because I gave my desire attention energy & focus and removed the doubt. Thanks to the Law of Attraction!”

Ranney Kaniappan
Retired Army Officer

“This training program and the coaching sessions have taught me that the most important thing is the Words-Results relationship. Whenever I see myself in a spiraling downward motion, I hit my ‘Reset Button’ and anchor my feeling to a positive state. This has helped me in various areas of my life. As a result I was able to attract my Dream car which is a Mercedes within 3 months of attending the AAA program. I also attracted ideal clients into my insurance business. One memorable client was attracted in the 2nd week of coaching who purchased a large premium policy”

Agency Manager, Insurance Industry

“I’ve experienced remarkable transformation in my career and personal life. Till today, the positive benefits of what I’ve learnt of the Law of Attraction from the training and coaching sessions amazes and surprises me at the most unexpected of times. Awesome things are happening to me everyday! LOA is like riding a bicycle. Once you’re on it, you stay on. Once you’ve learnt it, it is for life!”

Eleen Wong
Unit Manager, Verity Associates

“The Law of Attraction “Attracting Abundance Always” training seminar has helped me in seeing life in a new perspective. It has taught me that I am 100% responsible for my own being and whatever that happens to me. The seminar has also taught me that through the simple steps & techniques of deliberate attraction, I can attract more of what I want and less of what I don't want and that has made a difference in every aspect of my life. All in all, I’m beginning to see that once I put LOA into practice, good things will start to unfold right in front of my eyes in time.”

Anna Lynn