The LOA Club is a social initiative brought to life by the founders of The LOA Centre, Malaysia, with the hope of spreading the message of positivity to society at large and to realise the vision of ‘Having a RESET Button in every home’ – a movement to contribute to the happiness of our community and beyond by equipping people on how to develop a positive mindset a a way of life, irrespective of negative circumstances thus leading to happiness.

The LOA Centre believes in ‘Helping You BE Great so that You are Happy’ and The LOA Club was formed to provide the right positive, uplifting and nurturing environment which supports and enhances people’s performance and helps surface the innate greatness in everyone. This is achieved mainly by teaching and helping others apply the simple yet powerful concept of a ‘RESET Button’ to handle the hustles of life – to RESET ones vibes and focus whenever encountering a negative situation.

>Whilst we agree that it’s not about ‘sweeping emotions under the carpet’ when life deals you a bad hand, and that it’s absolutely essential to be able to process, fully experience and handle these negative emotions – the challenge is people usually dwell and mope and live in the negativity for way too long, and before they know it, they find themselves in a negative spiral situation attracting more negative encounters and they end up being more unhappy and depressed. By enabling them with the practical ‘RESET Button’ concept, one is able to RESET faster and move away from the contrast of what they don’t like and propel towards having great focus and clarity of what they want, thus leading to a much happier vibe and life.

The LOA Club focuses on making a positive difference in three main sectors; Families, Society and Corporations by conducting a variety of exciting and high-vibed events and activities regularly, together with the participations of its dedicated club members. The following are some of the activities which The LOA Club actively organises and supports which are in alignment with the Club’s philosophy and which also encourage nurturing of relationship among family members and the community:

  • Team building activities and games

  • Positive mindset (LOA) workshops

  • Continuous support & visits to charitable homes

  • Outdoor nature trips

  • Kids mentorship program

  • Networking & appreciation sessions

For corporations, especially those who believe in cultivating positive attitude and mindset amongst its staffs and want to increase the culture of positivity at the workplace, they are encouraged to form a LOA Club chapter within their organisation. This is usually done after they’ve exposed their staffs from various levels, to the soft skills and positive mindset training by The LOA Centre (e.g. “Increasing Performance by Empowering Teams” or “3 Laws of Performance” training programs).

The LOA Club is then formed as the environment to continuously support the application of the tools and techniques learnt in order to allow the new empowering habits to be cultivated as a way of life. This is how The LOA Club contributes to creating a sustainable positive ecosystem. The corporations who have currently embraced the spirit of The LOA Club and formed their own club chapter within their organisations are Nexperia, Bollore Logistics and Melaleuca and have used it as an avenue for their CSR initiatives. The response we’ve received to date on their activities and events to make a difference can be described in 3 words “FANTASTIC! FULFILLING! & FUN!”

We welcome new members (both individuals and Corporations) to share this powerful vision and empower more lives with the positive concept of RESET. So, come and join the good cause, spread the message and have fun doing it!