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Complimentary 4 hour 'Law of Attraction' Family Workshop

Welcome to our 4 hour Complimentary Signature & Content-Rich 'Law of Attraction' workshop! It's our pleasure to have friends and families join us as we take a step forward towards empowering more families. Do get your 'Super-Charged Family' Books ready as we will be having a special segment to teach on how to effectively use the tools and techniques in the book.
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We’ve been having a wonderful experiential time with the tools and techniques shared in this book. The best thing that happened in our family is the cohesiveness. We were able to always come together and support each other. Implementation of these environments also allowed us to save a lot of money on our kids' education. Education has become so expensive yet ineffective as it teaches " to the tools " and not " to the problem ". This does not add much value towards the kid's future. Still, we end up paying just to keep up with the Jones. It was different for us, as we had numerous conversations on what problem they can fix to make the world a better place instead of what they are going to be in the future. Hands down, the former enabled them to be passionate about making a difference. The answer to the latter was a professional course that leads them to a job. Doing what you are passionate about is always more fulfilling. Today, my kids are pursuing their dreams to make a difference. For this to happen, these tools and techniques need to be executed. Enjoy the read my friends. Wishing you a Super-Charged family experience!




After reading this, you will become :

1. Positive Minded.
2. Massive clarity on what you want.
3. Better Communicator.
4. Emotionally Resilient
5. Better coach for your kid.

The Result of all this is HAPPINESS!


By Michael J.Losier

Author and Trainer – Law of Attraction, Law of Connection and Your Life

For all the times we’ve said “they should be teaching this in school” when referring to life skills, success skills, and good communication skills. Imagine your family – setting goals and using positive and encouraging language with each other. You can make that happen, take charge and apply the 5 Vital Environments That Creates The Ultimate Family Performance outlined in this book. In addition to being Certified Law of Attraction Facilitators, Siva and Devi have integrated their skills to all areas of their lives – at work and at home with their 3 children. They modelled it and the children (now young adults), know how to set goals, stay on track with intention and positive thoughts, and how to use Law of Attraction to their advantage. Be the leader in your family and together read and apply the 5 environments outlined in this book. Sit back and watch the team at work – your family. This book was an idea for this family. It grew as they grew. It’s in alignment to their values to uplift everyone around them. While I was in their presence when visiting Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from my home in Victoria, BC, Canada, they always wanted to help share positive messages, uplift and support others to their highest success.

Book Reviews


Teacher, Entrepreneur & Life Coach

" I had the privilege of observing the process of personal evolvement & transformation of this amazing family over the past decade. Their personal & collective ongoing successes in key areas of life is a true testimony of the effectiveness of these environments which are applied to generate sustainable results over time. I am grateful that these proven methods are shared through this empowering book for more people to duplicate their successes. "

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