Achieving Inner Mastery (AIM)

As a leader, do you struggle to connect with your inner true self which leads to great dissatisfaction and unhappiness in your life? Do you feel that you have so much great potential, yet you are not achieving and living at your fullest?

The inability to identify and connect to a higher purpose, and achieve one’s greatest potential is a major challenge that many leaders are facing in the corporate and business world today. One of the proven key element that everyone is looking for, is Happiness.

We, at the LOA Centre (M), believe that when an individual is happy, passionate and inspired to ‘show up to work’, everything will fall into place. The individual will be an awesome leader who will lead a great team to achieve their goals and, you can too.

The Achieving Inner Mastery (A.I.M) program is precisely designed to help individuals and leaders refine and connect to their inner selves, heighten their self-love and appreciation and live an inspired life that's aligned to their higher purpose. When an individual’s mind, body and emotions are congruent and are in perfect alignment, they are able to launch themselves towards massive success thus achieving the ultimate goal; Happiness.

This program will identify and address the missing links and programming that's standing in the way of one’s happiness and success by taking the individual on a journey from inner mastery to outer reality through 4 well-developed segments

This program is a 3-Days 2-Nights retreat which will be conducted in a nature-themed venue.

A.I.M. is highly recommended and targeted at Head of Departments (HODs), Managers and Supervisors or individuals who want to discover how to find their unique paths to success and happiness through inner mastery.

The content, intensity and duration of the program will be tailored to suit the specific requirements of the client taking into account workplace dynamics, physical location of teams and etc. For companies and businesses who wish to empower their teams, we also recommend a participating group size of 16 individuals (max).

Feel free to contact us (Email: or Mobile: +6019 621 0790) for more information about the program and how you and your company can participate in this program.

Part 1: Bull’s Eye - Have great clarity in what an individual wants. Strong goal clarity births high achievement drive.

Begin with the end in mind. The leader will be guided on how to effectively set clear and purposeful goals in 8 major key areas of their lives. This is followed by identifying steps on how to achieve these exciting goals with greater certainty. The aim is to hit the desired target/goals all the time.

Part 2: Bow - Identify the strengths needed to achieve the desired results and goals

As the saying goes “When you stop chasing the wrong things, you’ll give a chance for the right things to catch up”. The individual will be equipped to reflect and clearly identify pertinent ‘clues’ of the past which holds the key to their strength which is required for them to move forward towards their desired goals.

Part 3: Arrow - Learn how to be in the NOW with greater alignment of self in order to carry out the required actions

The participants will be guided in the process of aligning themselves in mind, body and emotion so that their thoughts, feelings and actions are congruent in the process of achieving the desired goals. This is essential in manifesting results externally from a space of inner strength.

Part 4: Environment - Construct the right environment in which an individual can be in control to achieve the desired results

Ultimately, it’s all about taking 100% responsibility for the results we are experiencing in all key areas of our lives and then making a commitment to implement the necessary actions towards the improvement in these areas to achieve the desired results. For the latter, one of the most important factors that bridges the gap between what one knows need to be done and actually executing the necessary actions, is the ‘environment’ constructed which supports the execution.

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